Master Chief

The Great Return / 6.7.2023

Back in stock. Golf Fore Glory! 2023 will release this week as well. If we are lucky, a very boggy affair will launch as well. Stay Tuned! Cheers, Ken “a friend I met in Gujarat”

Green Shoots / 5.2.2023

May is greening up all around us. Evening strolls in the cool, afternoon strolls in the warm. A good pipe and clear skies. I personally like our club mixtures for spring strolls. Straight Virginia is also another lunting standard. More Roman Legion reinforcements soon. We’ve sold a blend in the past called “Haunted Virginia” that …

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Recruiting Update / 4.26.2023

We have a few restocks going live at 11am CST today. The new Virginia broken flake offering focuses on bright, orange, and red grades. The Virginias are mainly on the bready part of the spectrum. Thursday 11am CST. Cheers, Ken

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