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Draw Four Cards

You draw:Banana Bread (+5 Charm)Hand of Götz (latakia and rustica)Dread Knight (licorice latakia)Peaty Hunt (Virginia/burley) Strong cards! Other player concedes as they have no counter for Banana Bread. Pardon the Friday silliness, but we have some restocks going into the weekend. Except more Kraken bAAARRRRRRR! next week for you pirates our there. I have a […]

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Samsun and Delilah, Deep House, Moriarty, and Diogenes Club will all get retuned soon. They’re all semi-aromatics and we’re updating them in general to have richer notes and less black cavendish. If you love the current versions, stock up now. Banana Bread will be restocked next week. Elder Dragon is the latest latakia project in

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Stock Feed

Noble Aztec is back in stock as well as half of the final batch of Mountains of Madness (using the current vintage latakia recipe). We have restocks incoming soon for Oriental Affair, Mycroft (which uses the most unscented lakeland style tobaccos of any blend we sell), Zen Garden (with a different honey), and Spaghetti Western

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Ides of the Week

Wednesday at noon CST, Golden Age debuts. This will be another “not for everyone” because even with the Lakeland style oils dialed way back they can still ghost a pipe through repeated smoking. Matured bright Virginia and fragrances for the Sword and Board series with just a toe in the Lake. We slowed down the

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Golden Age Preview

The next Sword & Board blend is almost here. Coming next week, Golden Age is a collection of mature bright Virginias in a creamy, lemony presentation. Some of the blends we sell would be more properly tagged if we added “semi-Lakeland” . Lakeland blends have two defining characteristics that really form what we think of

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Five Return

Back in Stock. Byronic Hiro joins Sword & Board with this restock, although we didn’t update the art label. Expect Acadian Flek and Toast of Texas tomorrow at noon Central. Cheers,Ken PS: We are running a poll.

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