What’s in the works? Goblin Mixture 2022 is still in testing. Study in Violet is on pause due to sourcing issues currently. We have a feeling it will happen when it is meant to. More, not less. During economic hard times, portions seem to shrink. We are trying to evade such things by looking to …

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Taste testing of Mr. Christian’s Special Cuts no. 1 has gone well. This will be a very small release of bags that contain between 2.1 and 3.2 ounces of bulk cut Byronic Hiro pieces that have a molasses based dressing to spice them up a little. Coming Saturday at 4pm CST. (this will be in …

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“Special Cuts” will be for small batches of plug trimmings we receive from our manufacturers. Each release will have a different animal in the listing art.


We discovered a source of Turkish leaf similar in profile to what was used in the original Goblin Mixture. We’ve enjoyed bringing you small variants of this mixture occasionally for the holidays with various types of Latakia or Oriental substitutes. We hope to send the new test candidate to testers shortly and have it rejoin …

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There are some incoming art changes. Mountains of Madness became Plateau of Leng. Leng has probably less than a year supply left, but we want to sell it properly. Gone will be the Lovecraftian name and art. We reserve those motifs for our Eldritch Pipes blends and want to maintain some lines between our lines. …

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The oldest and largest Egyptian pyramids were built on a Plateau (Giza). Tourists usually discover how little they understood when they realize it was an uphill battle. While trying to come up with a new classic branding for Plateau of Leng, I discovered that Giza presents so much wonder that it makes most fiction seem …

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