While researching the traditional usage of pipes in Ireland, I noticed how the pipes were the least of their concerns. Pipes were very utilitarian. Clays were common and sharing them wasn’t a big deal. The typical 18th century smoked pipe in Ireland was a clay with a bit of plug or flake. These days we …

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Wednesday is a good day for this tiny bit of news. Coming Soon: We plan to share the extra from the batch we made for our friends overseas. We think this batch will be very well received. It has also been updated to be under Mr. Christian’s marquee. His contribution was saying “why not say …

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Recorded music is a distorted echo of the transcendence of being in harmony with others. This weekend we had a little jam with Djembe and Cajon. Find your jam.


A photo can not capture the real magic and beauty of being in the moment. When the woodpecker had selected her choice morsel, she twisted her head to lock a side eye upon me. Her iridescent highlights resemble hunter orange in photography, while in real life the effect is more surreal. Have you stopped to …

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