You may have noticed an uptick in news/updates/products. You, dear customer, have enabled this through your support. Thanks to the growth you caused, we have more help. The Savage Fleet will return this summer for a small engagement. We have Fleet and Mycroft on the July release schedule. After introducing all the Mr. Christian and …

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While others fret, we Golf. With club or disc, we stride forth. The Golf line of tobaccos is outdoor themed around the Golf sports. These blends will be releasing Saturday June 18th at 4pm CST along with some imported tinned tobaccos (K&K brands). Trail Mixture is a minimally cased presentation of Broad-cut Virginia and Chunky …

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“Golf is an exercise which is much used by a gentleman in Scotland……A man would live 10 years the longer for using this exercise once or twice a week.”Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745 – 1813) The first four tobaccos under the Golf series will be released this weekend. They are four fine Virginia based tobacco mixtures …

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We took a slow approach to May that may become a yearly tradition. June 19th is officially the first day of Summer, but around now everything gets Summery. For June, we have new batches of Meditations and Van Gogh nearly ready. The new inventory will list this weekend at 4pm. As we resume our normal …

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This is the time of year when several people ask us to make more Burlier Morning Pipe. We’ll be releasing a small allocation for those loyal fans real soon now. Meditations batch 2 is near release. There may be another news update this week to update on some things in the pipeline. Cheers, Ken PS: …

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