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Restocks Releases We have a new burley all day release during the Burley Morning Pipe shortage we’d like to introduce this week if we can get the branding finished. Currently the title is Handsome Stranger. Cheers,Ken

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Back This Week Holmes Slice will return in approximately 3 weeks. Both of the Burley Morning series are on currently out of stock and we don’t have an ETA on the return. Maybe we’ll stretch our Burley portfolio a bit in the meantime. We have a few more things critically low, but the restocks will

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Eye on Latakia 2

Dread Knight 33% Latakia, Burley, Cavendish, Licorice Scented Dwarven Mine 33% Latakia, Cavendish, Bright Virginia, Danish style Scent English Villain 40% Latakia, Red Virginia, Whiskey Goblin City 10% Latakia, Red Virginia, Prilep Oriental Hand of Gotz 50% Latakia, Rustica, Dark Virginia, Red Virginia, Turkish Orientals Mountains of Madness 60% Vintage Latakia, Red Virginia, Turkish Orientals

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The Word / Canada

Canada shipping is disabled for now. It was a good seven years Canada, but shipping interdiction has gone up over 50% and I simply get most orders returned. If you have Canadian billing address and a US postal address, that still works. Ultimately, the Canadian government only wants person to person tobacco shipments cross-border (versus

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Blend Bits

Burlier MPWe’ve had demands and ransom notes about making another batch. Currently held on Supply Chain Issues. Raven Eye FlakeMarketing will be updated for the Sword & Board series. May have a slight lull in availability. Roman Legion XOSupply Chain Issues B. Frog’s NotoriousWe left this off the restock board, because nobody sees him coming.

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Project Board

projects we have in the pipeline. Holmes Slice: a more mature and more heavily cased version of the base red Virginia bar that makes Jupiter Slices. Formerly known as Tavern Bar. June 10th. Red Forest Phenomenon resurrection: work in progress, name will be changed. Diogenes Club 2024 mix: work in progress. Cheers,Ken

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More Adventures

Back in Stock Since we held Night Mare’s release to work on the marketing, we’re ready to release the next one. BMP and Byronic are also back in stock. They Shall Return We expect Kraken Bar back in stock tomorrow. People are asking for another batch of Burlier MP, but we don’t foresee that happening

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