Blending Lessons pt. 5

Ever imagine what it would be like to have twelve fingers? Of course you have. The default number system humans use is called base-10 and it works really well without paper because we have 10 fingers. One of the downsides of this numbering system is that it means blending more difficult. When we think in […]

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Eye on Fire

We do dark fired differently. Whether it’s our runaway success Spaghetti Western (steamed dark fired), Dark Fired Cherry (changed in the past few years to use steamed dark fired), or Uzumaki (aged dark fired); you’ll find less astringent notes and rough edges than the regular dark fired blend. Looking for something exotic? Mycroft uses unsmoked

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Eye on Virginia pt. 2

A quick refresher on our Virginia + Friends blends.Mycroft: dark grades, turkish orientals, African burleyPeaty Hunt: broken brown flake with peated burleySpaghetti Western: red grades, cavendish dark fired, dark rumOriental Affair: imported reds, turkish orientals, fragranceSamsun and Delilah: old reds, turkish orientals, black cavendish, fragranceMoriarty: mostly black cavendish, lakeland style virginia, fragrance Cheers,Ken

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Eye on Virginia pt.1

A quick legend of our Virginia puro offerings.Brown Flek: matured broken flake, comfy, all dayByronic Hiro: stoved red plugDr. Silence: reds, stoved, and dark. fragrant, all dayJupiter Slices: red plugKraken Bar: navy stoved red plugRed Line: reds and darkRoman Legion XO: matured red/orange/bright broken flakeStudy in Scarlet: All RedVan Gogh: matured ready rub/broken flakeZen Garden:

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Eye on Latakia

A quick key of our offerings by Latakia %:Mountains of Madness: 60%, Smooth, Turkish OrientalsEnglish Villain: 40%, Whiskey, All Red, No OrientalQuarter Cask: 40%, Vanilla Bourbon, Balkan OrientalsGoblin City: 10%, More Incense, Prilep OrientalOl’ Claymore: 10%, Broken Flake, No Orientals, Perique Cheers,Ken

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Eye on Perique

A reminder on our current Virginia/perique selections. This is also a notice that Acadian Flek is back in stock. We hope to restock Voodoo Tour soon. Raven’s Eyes are critically low, but will be restocked next week. Cajun Safari will likely be replaced by the final B. Frog’s western series blend since we don’t want

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A Study in Study

Around Christmas there has traditionally been a “one and done” red Virginia blend by KBV. This year we’ve introduced a non-seasonal red Virginia puro menu item that will stay on until the sources dry up from this Earth. We developed a mixture of old (7+ yrs), very old (14+ yrs), and young (<7 years) grades

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A Distant Thunder

I wanna run, I want to hideI wanna tear down the walls that hold me insideI wanna reach out and touch the flameWhere the streets have no name-u2 Virginia and Perique pressed ribbon crumble with a chocolate/coffee/darkrum casing. The keks (or cakes/kakes) are cut tall/thin (reminds me of some of the tinned Germain’s crumbles except

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Beyond Quitting

We’ve all been there. You have a health scare and suddenly you purge everything that you believe* is unhealthy. You’re a normal guy. You work hard, watch sportsball on the weekend, and what you believe is healthy is probably a distant cry from reality. I say this because I know dudes who will quit smoking

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