Some unofficial notes (without care for first or third person perspective shifts) from Ken,

The Golf line of tobaccos are here. The initial stocking had twice as much inventory for Spike and Trail versus Fairway and Dubbs. Don’t let the early sell out of the ones with the least stock be mistaken for a demonstrated preference by buyers (who haven’t tried the products before). Trail and Spike have actually out-sold the sold-out blends. Of course, by Monday it could all be sold out (which is fine too). I think that Spike is the best technical blend of the four and fits into the “postmodern traditional” space (which I just mentally invented). “Dubbs” (Double Eagle) is one of the finest Virginia blends on the market out of the gate, but it didn’t require nearly as much craft. Fairway Driver is the crowd pleaser for people who can smoke aromatic Red Virginia (sometimes this requires advanced smokers who know how to manage the pH factor of their mouths).

Speaking of pH factors, Ken was a soda junkie for years who tended to have an acidic mouth pH. These days Ken runs a bit more alkali. What is the pH of your mouth and stomach? What does that affect?

Mr. Christian’s Amsterdamer Flek (dutch cavendish broken flake) will be going out to testers this week. Golf RDR (testing codename) went to testers this weekend. Brown Flek and Bright Flek got some stealth updates that we hope people enjoy. Each is presented in a longer broken flake format that reminds us more of the McClelland style cut ( long chunky strands ). We think people enjoy the updated format since we’ve noticed the Bright Flek sales increase since the change. There should be no difference in flavor.

We are cancelling Halloween this year. Halloween is really a children’s celebration in America and we think the lines between boyhood and manhood are too blurred these days. The Golf and Mr. Christian lines may have fall themed blends and even seasonal wordplay like “Broomstick Putter”. However, we don’t wish to produce a Halloween “brand” anymore.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I don’t eat Corn derived products. I actually really enjoy eating Trader Joe’s Olive Oil cooked Popcorn and Lesser Evil Coconut Oil Popcorn. Cellulose, a healthy fat, and some sea salt (with trace minerals). Popped corn can be a healthy snack when it uses the right oils, salts, and kernels. For a busy dad who doesn’t have time to cook his own popcorn on the stove, the bag has gotten much healthier. Instead of sprinkle cheese, try nutritional yeast.



PS: I think I have to go eat a handful of popcorn now. Happy Fathers Day.

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