“Dubbs” for short.

While others fret, we Golf. With club or disc, we stride forth. The Golf line of tobaccos is outdoor themed around the Golf sports. These blends will be releasing Saturday June 18th at 4pm CST along with some imported tinned tobaccos (K&K brands).

Trail Mixture is a minimally cased presentation of Broad-cut Virginia and Chunky Yana-2 Blackened Burley. Slow burning giant strands of Virginia with some chunky Yana-2 to help fill the gaps. Over 80% of the mixture is Virginia, and it is marketed as a Virginia forward blend. It is rugged, handsome, and smokes well.

Fairway Driver was inspired by old McClelland blends like Fragrant Mature Kake. There were fragrant Virginia blends that didn’t skimp out on the quality of the Virginia. A cream dressing is lightly applied before some of finest Red and Bright grades from around the world are combined and married to give you a Fairway Driver.

Spike Hyzer is a wild blend. It is a Virginia and Perique mixture made from two sets of notes for making blends in the style of the old Murray’s version of Elizabethan. One set of notes was about making a more aesthetic blend than current production with more interesting cuts. Another set of notes wanted something like Elizabethan but “a bit more craft with the dressing”. The Perique is at 20%.

Double Eagle had the working name “Simply Mature Virginia” while it was in development. It uses worldwide sources of simply the finest mature (and interesting) Virginia cuts. It was developed to be one of the finest Virginia mixtures on the market as a goal. It contains the finest mature Red and Bright grades of various cut styles married together without a distinctive top note or dressing.

These are all planned to be restocked for the Summer sales period leading into the Fall. We are happy to release four new Virginia blends even when things are shaky out there. While others fret, we Golf. With club or disc, we stride forth.



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