For Monday Fun Day, some Design Notes for codename FMV-2 and the Golf series.

McClelland 2000 Fragrant Matured Kake was a broken flake offering that people either didn’t care for, or enjoyed immensely. It has always stayed in the back of my mind for inspiration.

As part of the Golf series of tobaccos, a Fragrant Matured Virginia blend is in development using similar cues (but a different cut and a wider spectrum of Virginia). The design goals are: “A sippable Virginia-only blend with a great bouquet. To be perfect for smoking while playing Golf (club or disc) with friends. To be seriously casual.”

Will it make it to market or be another elusive idea that remains a dream? Questions like that are why we have testing, and at the end of the day the main question I ask testers is “does this blend deserve to exist?” Golf FMV-2 will be the codename in testing, but the more creative branding will have to wait.

We have multiple interesting test candidates for the Golf series, and odds are that a few ideas might be winners. We only want to market the best. The current concepts are “Fragrant Matured Virginia”, “Straight Matured Virginia”, “Matured Broad Cut Virginia with a tiny bit of yana-2 stoved burley for color”, and “an aesthetic mixture of Virginias and Perique.”

Each of the Golf series candidates is blended for the look of the tobacco in addition to the flavor. Trivia: The Virginia/Perique mixture was inspired by a blending challenge to make something aesthetically engaging like the old Murray’s version of Elizabethan mixture.



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