Reward Points

I charge more for a simple tin, because I believe in ethical honest pricing. I do not want you to pay 75-100 dollars to get free shipping on a 10 dollar tin. I’d rather just charge you an honest price with the shipping dollar cost averaged in to encourage trying single items.

For loyal customers, I have a point system where you get 1 point for every 1 dollar spent. When you have a minimum of 200 points, you can redeem points on a purchase. Points are worth .05 cents per dollar spent, so with the bare minimum of 200 points banked, you can get 10 dollars back on a purchase.

No coupon stacking, free shipping code hunting, or other gimmicks. I value and appreciate Loyalty.

Reward Level 1

By purchasing any products from the site, you unlock access to items that only previous customers can see. There won’t always be merchandise in this category, but when there is it will be special. Items will be visible in ‘Current Menu’ and an unlocked ‘The Secret Menu’ will contain current and past items.

Reward Level 2

It’s a secret to everyone.