Try to visualize an iceberg for milk. The very tip of the iceberg is what would be generally known, but the majority of the mass is underwater and without a proper perspective the tip is very misleading.

The very tip of the milk iceberg would be ‘milk does a body good’. This was an advertising jingle/slogan that was programmed into Americans by the industry for years.

Immediately beneath the surface would be “milk is actually not good for you, raw milk will kill you”.

Beneath that part of the iceberg, would be a deeper darker layer “milk is good for you, but you have to buy special versions like A2 or Organic”. This would also be the last layer before the iceberg narrows off some under the water.

“Grass Milk is King” would be the final sizable piece of the iceberg near the bottom.

At the bottom would be a very dark underbelly with “raw milk is the food of the gods” and “I make my own Kefir” on it.

How does milk work? It starts with the soil. In the soil are minerals. Grasses absorb Sunshine and Water to harvest minerals from the soil. Cows eat these grasses which makes the lipids (fats) in their milk become rich in Omega3 fatty acids and vitamins/minerals. Milk helped keep pre-industrial Scandinavians healthy during long dark winters (along with wild caught fish, pasture raised eggs, and the beef from grass fed cows). The lower the temperature of pasteurization, the richer in nutrients it will be. Some people source raw milk from local farms (where legal) but they generally spend time researching these things and understand the risks. Raw milk is it’s own iceberg.

Corporate American milk comes from cows fed a GMO corn kernel based slurry. It doesn’t taste right and gives most people other than small children digestion issues. It isn’t real milk and is one of the many imposter foods sold to Americans. The worst form of this milk is “Skim” where they strip what few nutrients are there to sell a product that parents might assume is healthy because it is “fat free”.

The state of “journalism”

Ken is part European and part Native American. Some people with Native American DNA cannot process lactose. This is ironic, since North American tall grasses are scientifically some of the best for feeding bovines for the purpose of making milk. Many lactose reduced forms exist, but what some people think is a reaction to lactose in “McMilk” is actually just their bodies’ reaction to drinking bad milk made from cows fed an unnatural diet. Try grass milk before assuming you need lactose free.

Peak Milk

Kefir is a form of fermented milk that we at Venture HQ love. Feel bad? Probably need Kefir. Allergies? Kefir. Indigestion? Kefir. Feel down? Kefir. Your gut is part of a parasympathetic nervous system, and Kefir is so rich in prebiotics that it can solve issues caused by having an unhealthy gut.

Kefir can be fairly tart, but if you get Kefir made from grass fed milk it simply tastes like unflavored Yogurt. Moreover, you can make your own Kefir. It is one of the easiest things to culture at home. You can add the crystals to a jug of milk and let it ferment. You can then use kefir to make new kefir.

Milk is awesome.



PS: Most “Almond Milk” beverages are processed foods containing corn solids, sugars, and seed oils. They should be avoided for a healthy lifestyle.

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