There are some incoming art changes.

Mountains of Madness became Plateau of Leng. Leng has probably less than a year supply left, but we want to sell it properly. Gone will be the Lovecraftian name and art. We reserve those motifs for our Eldritch Pipes blends and want to maintain some lines between our lines.

Van Gogh has art that we bought the rights to. However, we want something more classically inspired going forward. Expect changes by the end of March.

Dark Fired Cherry had a label born out of lack of other inspiration. We want to update it at some point, but are still trying to find a muse. Cherry is difficult. We may have to commission something professional due to the sales rates. If people love something this much, you should treat it nicely.

Mr. Christian‘s marketing has been slowly getting better over time and we may start retrofitting the new standards on the older blends.

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