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Wilke Coronado Oriental

Wilke Pipe Tobacco has announced a new bulk blend “Coronado Oriental” (San Diego Pipe Club). They are also a retailer for C&D Haunted Bookshop Kake, which we promoted several months back.

Speaking of which, for Haunted Bookshop fans, a convenient kake format is now available at retailers.


My friends at Merchant Service Pipes and my friends at C&D have both introduced Zippo lighters. Ken prefers to use a Zippo with a butane insert sometimes, just because he likes the art on his zippo. It isn’t about the most efficient method possible sometimes, but the one that makes you happiest.

Tavern Pro

We’ve been looking for gorgeous traditional looking Irish style pipes, and Laudisi delivered. Peterson Carroll of Carrollton 2022 Pipes launches July 28th. We even ordered a few!

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Speaking of us, what’s cooking? (on in testing to be precise)

Mr. Christian’s Amsterdamer Flek: proper dutch cavendish broken flake (nougat, chocolate, fruit)

Golf by KBV “RDR” (codename). 50% double toasted burley, 50% bright Virginia, and a rich dark dressing.


Matches return. Imported four inch cigar style matches (which are great for pipes) are back, and we will be listing the cases this week. We are not sure about adding Matches back to the checkout addon menu.

We plan to carry some pipes on the web site this summer. We’ve tried to launch pipes a few times this year and aborted several times. However, we’ve found the magic balance to finally get some of our backlog projects back on track.

The Golf line of blends will be officially restocked when the restocks are ready (not til Saturday minimum). The inventory held back normally for errors/mistakes will be released with low fanfare this week.

This past weekend, we sold some Astleys from the recent K&K brands shipment. This next weekend we are going to sell some Fribourg and Treyer tobaccos. Instead of selling everything in one morning, we are going to sell some each weekend.

People sometimes ask if we care that customers use their reward points to pay for tins. They earned those points for paying the price for things that supports physical stores. My prices are competitive with brick and mortars but not with online retailers by design. Reward Points are an actual thank you for paying more. If you manage to purchase something you feel is very special with your reward points, then you are the customer whose happy face we imagined when we thought of this.



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