BlendPro VBC (8oz)


Vanilla Blackened Varietals

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There are many vanilla tobacco products on the market, and it can be confusing to a home blender which ones are meant for smoking versus blending. Popular products like McClelland and Lane VBC are no longer on the market. This is a product meant to fill that gap.

BlendPro VBC is a carefully selected blend of blackened varietals from across the globe with vanilla dressing. There is a nice variety of widths to the ribbons as well. The dressing is not overpowering and will typically soften a blend versus creating an aromatic. The component leaf types in this (burley, Virginia, and others) are muted by the blackening process.

8oz of bulk tobacco in a foil bag that can be re-used.

Blend Tips:
Mix with Lane BLWB to create a “black and tan” American style blend.
Mix into your favorite English recipe to add “Cream”.

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