Burlier Morning Pipe



Burlier Morning Pipe is a hearty smoke for having with morning coffee featuring Burley in multiple forms including blackened and bits of plug.

It has notes of coffee, cream, and dark cocoa that work with the natural flavor of Burley versus smothering it. It has more Burley presence that the regular/original Burley Morning Pipe.

2oz bulk in a heat sealed foil bag with optional jar label.

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Blended specifically to pair with coffee especially when it has real cream. Your morning pipe and morning cup can make each other better.

Tasting Notes

Smoke for three minutes until you start to taste the nuttiness of the Burley. Retrohale for the dark roast coffee notes. At this point, your palate is primed to start your coffee. I have a friend who actually drinks a glass of milk with this blend! I take half/half with my coffee since the milk fat really helps the flavor bloom for both the drink and the smoke.

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