H2K Wrapper · Dominican Filler · Robusto

To say more would be telling.

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Four Cigars in a sealed re-closable foil bag with a large graphic label. A salt-free 69% humidity insert is inside the bag.

Sealed foil bag is good for long (or short) term storage. After opening, the remaining cigars can be left in the bag so that they are clearly labeled with their details. This prevents the wrappers from mixing oils with other cigars in a crowded humidor. There are no bands on the cigars, because the bag is so much better. It is like cellophane, a giant band, and long term storage in one.

We have two rules for selection and pricing:

  1. Sell cigars we are proud of.
  2. Sell cigars that punch above the price.

A single Incognito smokes like a cigar you normally get in the 14-15 dollar price range.

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