KBV Meditations (2022)


A Contemplative Virginia and Perique Mixture

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Mediations is a combination of the Virginias used in KBV Van Gogh combined with Perique and using the casing recipes of both the current Van Gogh product as well as the original mixture.

The Virginias are on the bready side, the Perique is not overly strong, and the chances for reflection are great. There is a touch of anise odor in the bag note in addition to the fig, plum, and raisin smells you get from matured grades of Virginia and perique. Bits of broken flake abound.

2oz with optional jar label.

Disclaimer: In the Eastern tradition, Meditation means to clear your mind of all chatter. Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations were introspective thoughts written to reflect and make sense of things. Any form of meditation is acceptable, but not required to enjoy this product.

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