Merchant Service Chichester Road


**Debuts April 24th at 6pm EST**

Vintage Virginia, Orientals, and Latakia

2oz in a sealed foil with optional jar label

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Merchant Service Presents

Chichester Road

pronunciation: cheh-chuh-stuh

In collaboration with Merchant Service Pipes, we present you with a return to the flavors and methods of London style blending. Using only aged vintage tobaccos fermented a minimum of three times. Chichester Road marries matured Virginia including English style brown Cavendish, Orientals from Macedonia and Turkey, and Latakia.

The blend philosophy is the balance between the Virginia, Orientals, and Latakia versus being a typical modern English mixture where the Latakia is forward and the other tobaccos are condimental.

The name is a reference to Chichester Road in Belfast where Sobranie was once made.

Each bag will be numbered and less than 200 are made. This is a blend that can only be made once due to the scarcity of the tobaccos.

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