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Enigmatic Latakia Mixture

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This blend is light in Latakia but not really a Latakia mixture. A mixture of stoved tobaccos and bits of exotic Virginia and Burley along with a unique combination of aromatic dressings create a great mixture for contemplation that isn’t heavy.

2oz in a sealed foil with optional jar label.

From the Notebook of Dr. John Watson:

“I told Doyle very little about the Enigma Moriarty. Doyle was writing his detective tales and Moriarty made the stories into some kind of fantasy. Not a single reliable eyewitness account of the man exists. No two people could remember him the same. His academic papers were all fictional names as well. Both to keep the public from searching for them but also to make the stories easy to read. The one surviving paper, ‘Solution to the Three Body Problem’ is in Mycroft’s possession. If Moriarty only existed in Blindspots, I pity the day Mycroft learns to see them.”

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