After experimenting with Dark Fired and Orientals and cherry flavors to give a bit more ‘bbq smoker’ to a tired and vilified genre (cherry), we decided to try something new again in that space.

This is Virginia, Orientals, and a very special combination of blackened tobaccos. There is a mild slightly floral cherry topping that when smoked conjured images of April in Japan when the Cherry trees are blossoming.

Hence the name ‘Sakura’. A Virginia-Oriental mixture on a bed of gentle black with notes of cherry accenting the sweet/sour of Virginia and Orientals.

2oz in a heat sealed foil bag with an optional jar label.

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This blend can be a dessert smoke for a Virginia/Oriental fan, or a way for aromatic smokers to “Stretch their Legs” into straight Virginia and Orientals. It could also be a gateway into floral essence since there is no soap.

One of the ingredients in this is hard to source, so this blend will not be continually available.

“Drinking up the clouds
it spews out cherry blossoms –
Yoshino Mountain.” –Yosa Buson

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