Verge Engine SantaDrive (Limited)


A Celebration of Virginia and Perique!

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Verge Engine SantaDrive is a single limited batch of Virginias and Perique using similar design cues to a previous blend called Verge Engine Overdrive. It contains the oldest Red Virginia grades available, comfy Brights, and snappy Stoved Virginia as well as Perique from two different Vintages.

SantaDrive replaces the Brights and part of the Stoved Virginia from the Original Recipe with the same Virginias used in KBV Van Gogh. Due to the Perique shortages, we decided to reserve our Periques for Limited mixtures only. Only 50 pounds of SantaDrive was produced.

Ratios for People with Red Allergies:
30% Matured Red Virginia (2000/2009)
40% VG-1 Matured Virginia
20% Blackened Virginia
20% Perique

This blend does not have a characterizing added flavor. SantaDrive is a Neologism.

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