BlendPro YANA-2 (8oz)


The best quality blackened burley for home blending.

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A chunky ribbon cut to the McClelland specifications for stoved/blackened Burley, this is a One to One match for the kind of blackened Burley you find in McClelland VBC, Darkest Caramel, and other McClelland aromatics. It comes in a large foil bag that you can use for a blending project.

There are many “Black Cavendish” tobaccos on the market. It’s hard to tell which one to buy and the best stuff isn’t even on the consumer market.

You Are Not Alone.

This is also a message to home blenders struggling with projects or just people struggling in general. You may feel alone. You Are Not Alone (YANA).

8oz of bulk tobacco in a foil bag that can be re-used.

Use With:
– Sutliff Latakia as a based for an English mixture
– Fine Cut Virginia to slow the burn
– Any mixture that is too strong

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