We took a slow approach to May that may become a yearly tradition. June 19th is officially the first day of Summer, but around now everything gets Summery.

For June, we have new batches of Meditations and Van Gogh nearly ready. The new inventory will list this weekend at 4pm. As we resume our normal schedule, you shouldn’t expect anything new for a few weeks. We didn’t have anything “ready” before we took the May release hiatus other than the Goblin City that was released mid-month.

Mixed Tidbits

We have two Virginia based mixtures going into testing. One has a “trail mix” concept and the other is a “Virginia salad with Perique” concept like pre-STG Elizabethan mixture. Our Violet project is stalled, but our friends at Watch City Cigar may have provided a solution. We made some tentative agreements with third parties at the Chicago Pipe Show on collaborations that may see progress as well. Disclaimer: These tidbits are raw information that may or may not result in a product release. If we aren’t happy with a blend, we don’t sell it.

A Summery Cheers,


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