White Breasted Nuthatch from Ebird

Spring is proceeding at a relaxing pace. We are releasing less and producing more as part of our “Fear of Missing Out” reduction strategies. We realize that some people actually want the “Race” aspect of buying products, but we like to watch birds.

The white breasted nuthatch has been visiting the Venture second floor window. The make a delightful little honk/squeak noise that other Venture operatives have described as “a squeak toy” or “world’s tiniest goose honk”. They eat sunflower seeds, suet cake, and peanuts (that we leave out). A second floor window can be a great feeding location safe from squirrels.


Small Batch: Palmetto Balkan
(Retails Mid-to-late May)

Laudisi is introducing a small batch Balkan release for participating retailers. From the blurb: “A foundation of matured 2018 Izmir and 2019 Basma Orientals enhanced by top-tier 2017 and 2019 Carolina Red Virginias and specially processed Cypriot Latakia.”

Our friends at Laudisi are also introducing a Haunted Bookshop in kake form with an estimated mid-late June release.

Savinelli’s Ottagono Pipes
(Coming to America)

If you are a Savinelli fan, the Limited Ottagono series is coming to America. Retailers will be able to order them starting next week, which means they could be in your hands soon.

Sutliff has releases as well. Independence Day (Burley, Latakia, Peach), Uno (kitchen sink), Whimsical (va/per), and more. You’ve probably seen the results of their merger with TobaccoPipes like the 3-year tins program. Programs like these hearken back to the standards of Dunhill of London where tinned tobacco was held back to ripen in the tin.

Sutliff’s Summer Plans

We like blends that aren’t afraid to be bold. We plan to carry Reformation since there hasn’t been a hiqh quality Danish mixture released in quite some time. Most modern Danish blends are a commoditized echo of blends that were more like Lakelands (but without exotic leaves and less florals).

In case you missed it, Jon and the guys at Country Squire released a small batch blend using some of their last McClelland tobaccos. Isn’t that awesome? Country Squire tobaccos match the quality of blending houses like Lane and Sutliff to me for their quality and cuts.

Watch City Cigar is still cranking out good ideas on a regular basis. If you want to try some great blends while the Venture team is taking it easy, I highly recommend checking out their portfolio. Watch City probably has a crumble-flake you haven’t even tried.


Mr. Christian and Captain Mike will be the Venture-America leads for next week as Ken is spending a week abroad.

May won’t see constant releases or churn. We have great blends on the shelf and hope you enjoy the ones you’ve already purchased. Life is too short to chase products.



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